Why Do People Love Woodwick Candles?

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Woodwick candles are made by heating wax until it becomes liquid, mixing in fragrance at optimal temperatures and then pouring it into vessels. The wicks are inserted into the center of each vessel, where they burn slowly over several hours.
Why do people love wooden wicks in their candles?
There is no question that the sound a woodwick creates is soothing and calming. At BADWAX we use eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA, so you don't get any nasty by-products you may get from other companies that do not disclose where their wicks come from.
On top of creating a relaxing environment with a scented natural soy wax candle, the slight smokiness from the woodwick enhances the scent by adding more depth and complexity to the natural fragrance. Switching to wooden wick candles will enhance this age old candle experience.

Go with a Size That Works Well In Your Space.

If you’re looking for a new scent for your home, consider choosing a size that works well in your space. A large candle will fill up a room quickly, so make sure you have enough outlets nearby to keep it lit. Larger candles last longer than smaller ones, so you might want to opt for one that’s closer to the size of your mantle or table.

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