Where Can I Find Cool Candles?

Cool candles are hard to find. 

Especially if you're looking for a birthday candle or a candle for a friend.

Are the scents good? Is the company legit? Why am I buying a candle as gift? I have stumbled upon a candle company that is a lot of bit different.


Google, Facebook and Instagram have banned our social outreach because some of our candles have curse words. That's the only reason why. We are here to promote freedom of speech to the ultimate first amendment of the US Constitution, go to firstamendmentcandle.com ! Don't believe us and you're back at badwax.com . Just like that. 

Browse our different, funny and cool candles for something you can't find at Target, Walmart or  Amazon Whole Foods Market. Have fun with your $10 candles made in China with unknown chemicals and unknown processes.

BADWAX Candles are hand-poured and hand-processed from start to finish. We mean business with our attention to detail and love for good smells with quality.


God bless and happy candle shopping.



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