How To Calculate Fragrance Scent Load For Candles

How should you calculate the fragrance scent load of a candle?

This can be a tricky task and if not done property you will overload your candles and create an opportunity for combustion, leaking and a poor scent throw.

Let's get straight to it!


How you should calculate it 

Measure out your candle wax and multiply it by the percentage of fragrance desired.

For Example if you want a 10% fragrance load in 100 oz of wax ---> 

100 oz of candle wax   (x)   10%  (=)  10 oz of fragrance oil.

so you will have 100 oz of candle wax and 10 oz of fragrance oil for a combined total weight of 110 oz.


How you absolutely should not calculate it

Using our previous example with 100 oz of wax, do not get in your head and start thinking that you need 100 oz of total wax and fragrance combined as the end product.

It's very easy to get confused and think that you need to take 10% of 100 oz for 90 oz of candle wax and 10 oz of fragrance oil for a total of 100 oz of candle wax and fragrance oil. THIS IS WRONG and will lead to an actual fragrance load of 11.11% with all the problems we discussed above.


Mess around with our calculator below and make sure you have this down before you go nilly willy pouring candles.



Weight of Wax (x) Percent of Fragrance Load Desired (=) Fragrance Oil Weight Needed


Best of Luck!



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