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I Love You You Beautiful Bitch - Woodwick Candle

I Love You You Beautiful Bitch - Woodwick Candle

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Parfumée Bougie | The Fragrances

N°12 | Cashmere + Leather + Amber

A luxury experience of bold and
subtle cashmere, wood and smoked leather. On the back end you will find hints of citrus and spice with a mild powdery sweetness. This is a very sexy scent.

Vanilla + Sandalwood + Vetiver 

This is our more masculine scent
with a bit of sweetness. Light and sexy cologne vibes that do not overpower.

Gardenia + Rosewood 

Sweet Gardenia flowers with a
subtle but aromatic musk of Rosewood. It smells like frolicking through agarden with an old nearby shed.

Vanilla Loaf + Peppermint

A heart-warming soft yeasty vanilla with a touch of fresh and tingling peppermint.

Peppermint + Vanilla 

Holiday Scent. True to description. Think Candy Cane.

Cotton + Lilac + Cedar 

Clean and sophisticated. Scent true
to name.

Siberian Fir + Clove Bud 

Damp pine trees in the alpine
with recently smokey roasted cloves.

Pumpkin + Bourbon + Pecan

Buttery pumpkin spiced eggnog and
marshmallows with the smell of your drunken uncle nearby.

Passion Fruit + Guava + Teak

Sweet, gentle, fruity and sexy. Very
light underlying notes of silk and muskiness.

Magazine + Old Books

The nostalgic smell of magazine. Did you love the scent magazine and magazine mail perfume samples gave off? This elegant and polished fragrance is a classic hard to find-scent.

Frankincense + Antiques + Myrrh

A mystical aroma to relax your senses. It has a light musk with a sweet and ancient Frankincense base that will create an alert and ponderous vibe.

Birthday Cake

Indulge in our "Birthday Cake" candle's sweet vanilla and warm buttery notes, with a festive sprinkle of sugary confetti—pure celebratory bliss.

Candle Description


Our scented candles are hand-poured & hand-packaged in Orange County, California.

Premium Luscious Soy Wax Blend

We use a premium soy wax blend that allows a nice slow burn with a fantastic scent throw. Even the small candles pack some serious scent.

Premium Luscious Coconut Wax

We are slow switching over to an even more premium and even more sustainable coconut wax that allows for a longer burn time and a stronger scent throw! You'll see the description on the candle when you receive it.

Crackling Wood Wicks

With wood crackling wicks that are sure to enhance any mood.

Aromatic Fine Scents

Using nothing but fine high quality scented oils and no other additives or dyes, these candles exude an amazing aroma with scents you won't find anywhere else.

Size Dimensions

6 oz Dimensions:

2.875in circumference x 3.5in height

13.5 oz Dimensions:

3.625in circumference x 4.25in height

Crackling Wooden Wick

Eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA.

Burn Time

6 oz Candle: 40-60 Hours

13.5 oz Candle: 90 -120 Hours

BADWAX's "I Love You, You Beautiful Bitch" candle is the epitome of a Funny Valentine's Day gift that packs a punch of affection with a twist of humor. It's a vibrant tribute to love, crafted for the one who captivates your heart with their exuberance and charm. Each flicker of the flame unleashes a tropical rhapsody of passion fruit and guava, weaving sweet and tangy melodies in the air that invigorate the senses with their lush, spirited essence.

The adventure through fragrance culminates in a grounding finale of teak, bestowing an earthy opulence that envelops the room in warmth and refined elegance. Our soy wax blend is hand-poured with meticulous care, ensuring a clean, enduring burn that prolongs moments of olfactory ecstasy. At the core of this Valentine's Day gift for her is a wooden wick, which crackles like a cozy fireside chat, setting the stage for intimate memories under a sunset-drenched sky.

Encased in a chic vessel that's as bold as its moniker, this BADWAX creation celebrates the intricate dance of love. Whether as a daily token of your feelings or to ignite the spark on a special day, the "I Love You, You Beautiful Bitch" candle is a sexy Valentine's Day gift that reverberates with the intensity and beauty of your extraordinary bond. Ignite it and let the exotic blend of passion fruit, guava, and teak wood affirm the fierce passion and singular beauty of your connection.


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