How Long Does A 6 OZ Candle Burn?

Candle burning time varies depending on the size of the wicks, the type of wax used, the ambient temperature, and other factors. The average candle burns for approximately 8 hours, our BADWAX small 6 oz candles burn for 40-60 hours.
To improve burntime there are a few things you can do.
1. Trim the wick before every burn.
2. Only burn the candle 1-2 hours at a time.
3. Cover your candles after they have cooled after use. This will also preserve the scent.
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Wax with a higher melting point burns faster than wax with a lower melting point.

Melting point refers to the temperature at which a substance begins to melt. Waxes with high melting points burn more quickly because they begin to melt sooner.
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